Sparrow SMS is a Bulk SMS and SMS Marketing service to help businesses acquire and engage customers. A leading VAS provider in Nepal, Sparrow SMS was Initiated by Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd on March 20, 2010 with a tag line ‘Power of Text’ to provide SMS services to general public as well as business enterprises to communicate and promote their products and business.

We are here to serve Businesses, Individuals and Global Enterprises receive optimum benefits with our SMS services and packages that comprises of different benefits in the SMS channel to help you stand out among all.

Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Become synonymous to SMS in Nepal

Become leading VAS Provider in Nepal

Provide world class SMS SAAS product at global level

Our Mission

Simplify lives of people with better use of technology

Enhance  information access by delivering it instantly

Provide  VAS/SMS solutions to businesses and individuals

Why SMS ?


We are asked a lot, why just focus on SMS while there are other mediums too for mobile marketing? What’s so special about SMS marketing and the SMS services?

Well, the scenario is, the telecom penetration rate in Nepal is now 103% and mobile penetration is 98% meaning that almost everyone is equipped with mobile phones at present context and people often remain intact with their mobile almost all the time. SMS is one of the most personalized medium to reach customers due to intimacy between customers and their mobile phones. SMS received in mobiles easily catch the attention of receivers and are read very quickly. 

So, what better ways can there be besides mobile marketing via SMS in this digital marketing environment to promote businesses or services and even to grab information in hands?

Why  Sparrow SMS ?

Its All About  SMS

As an IT Company, we specialize in SMS and SMS systems only. We beleive in The Power of Text

Speed And Accuracy

We help you reach out to your customers in mass at once with speed and precision 

24/7 Support

Our Client Service team is there for you always. Yes, we do serve you at midnight too!

Robust System

Our technical team spends days and nights to build systems that are highly capable.


We invest in quality teamwork ethics and fully believe the notion of ‘Customer is King’

Dynamic Relationship 

We not only offer SMS systems, we help you with partnerships and social media promotions