Engage with your customers with interactive exchange of SMS – Get insights from their feedback, response and participation!

Know Your Customers

Sometimes, saying your side of story might not be enough, you might also need to hear your customer’s version. Besides, there are large numbers of social and political issues that people need a platform to raise their voice for.

SMS campaign provides general public to put forward their opinions and suggestions and raise their voice in the areas that matter to them. With the help of our SMS applications, you can generate a large number of interactive campaigns and get people respond to your advertisements and other important issues.

SMS Campaigns with Sparrow SMS

Monitor, Track and Improve

 Monitor campaign status, collect customer feedback and responses and innovate new ideas to improve your marketing

Easy Booking/Registration

 Create an event,  ask your potential participants to send SMS to join the event to and get instant conversion.

Collect Database

 SMS Campaigns let you collect phone numbers of your potential customers and help you reach to them in your future campaigns

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