Short Codes are 5 digit numbers used for VAS. All the SMS to be sent and received under any services provided by any organization to the people are done so using various short codes. Short Codes are basically grouped under dedicated and shared categories based upon whether they are used by single or multiple organizations.

Dedicated Short Codes

Dedicated Short Codes are provided exclusively to a single organization or a business house. Unlimited keywords and sub-keywords can be created for a dedicated shortcode. The organization, then, can run single or more SMS services and campaigns using the provided short code. Some examples of dedicated short codes provided by Sparrow SMS are:

  • 34470- for SMS enquiries and recharge of Websurfer
  • 34004 – for SMS enquiries for Himalaya Television

Shared Short Codes

Shared Short Codes are used by multiple organizations at the same time to run different campaigns. Each organization gets a single keyword and create as many sub-keywords as per its requirements. Each organization use their chosen keywords for their services but use the same shared short code. Some of the examples of shared short codes are

  • 34001- used for Digicard, SMS to email, and SMS to Facebook services
  • 35001- used for SLC, HSEB results and loadshedding schedules

Keyword and Sub-Keyword

A keyword and sub-keyword are alphabetic word used for various campaigns. Sub-keyword, when used, follows the keyword while typing the SMS.

For example,
For any information about Sparrow SMS,
Type SPARROW INFO and send SMS to 34001,
Then, here “SPARROW” is the main keyword and “INFO” is a sub keyword.

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