Nothing can beat the anxiety and excitement that exam results bring in the lives of students. But with every moment that a student spends waiting for the result or trying to access his/her result, the frustration doubles. Besides, the topography of Nepal causes the mark sheet of the students take more than a week to reach them. With an aim to diminish the distance between you and your result, Sparrow SMS has been bringing your exam results to your mobile phones. Students across the nation have been benefitted with this service since past three years.


We Provide Results

Sparrow SMS has been providing results of different examinations via SMS to help students and parents obtain the results of their examinations without any hassle. We are one of the largest provider of SMS results for SLC and HESB. We even boast to be the fastest SMS results provider in the nation. And with the latest additions, we now provide results for these levels:

  • SLC result
    [Type SLC<space>Symbol no. and send SMS to 5001]
  • HSEB result
    [Type HSEB<space>symbol no. and send SMS to 5001]
  • HISSAN result
    [Type HISSAN<space>symbol no. and send SMS to 5001]
  • IOE result
    [Type IOE<space>symbol no. and send SMS to 2023]
  • KU result
    [Type KU<space>symbol no. and send SMS to 2048]
  • CSIT result
    [Type CSIT<space>symbol no. and send SMS to 5001]

Benefits to the students:

  • Convenient: Students can get results as soon as results are published. They just need to send an SMS with their symbol number and they will be informed automatically about their result.
  • Fast: As soon as the result is uploaded in the system, it is accessible to all students via SMS. Each SMS from the students is responded to immediately.
  • Easy: Just one SMS and students can obtain their result instantly. No frequent website visits or calling institutions.
  • Information: Students will get full report result as well as information about admission. It is a full package informative SMS system.

Benefits to educational institutions:

  • Easy: Just provide us an excel file with details (Name, marks, ranks and other details) and we will do rest of the things.
  • Cheap: No cost at all. We carry all the required technical works. The university or college does not need to install any servers or system by themselves or hire an IT personal for this service.
  • Low enquiry: The frequent calls before and after result will be lowered as the result will be sent through SMS and also informative message about admission will also be included in result. This way the academic institutes will have fewer burdens explaining every detail to students.