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Bulk SMS Service in nepal

We are #1 Bulk SMS Service Provider in Nepal

Allowing you to harvest the complete benefits of Bulk SMS service in Nepal, Sparrow SMS allows you to send SMS in mass & create SMS campaigns with a few clicks.

Bulk SMS in Nepal enables you to connect and interact with your customers instantly. Promoting your business has not been so easy yet; you can now easily reach your targeted customers using Bulk SMS in Nepal.

Boost Your Digital Presence

Our web-based SMS application is used for both sending and receiving mass SMS, which supports delivery to all the major operators like NT (Nepal Telecom) and Ncell.

What are the Benefits of our Bulk SMS plan?


Bulk SMS Solutions that Grow Business

User Friendly
Using Bulk SMS Service in Nepal, Send Group Text messaging online from any computer using our simple, easy-to-use web dashboard.
SMS Scheduling System
Save your time by scheduling text messages to be sent at a later date and time.
Template Management System
Create and customise multiple SMS templates and default messages to be sent and reduce efforts.
Dynamic Bulk
Address each of your contacts personally and send dynamic messages to all at once effortlessly.
Contact Management
Our contact manager lets you import contacts from an Excel file and then organises them into groups. Customise all your contact lists under our panel.
Report Generator
Detailed status information about messages being delivered is needed so you can measure the quality of delivery and performance.

How to send Group SMS/ Text?

1. Upload Contacts
Easily add your contacts by using the convenient "Import Contacts" feature or manually add contacts.
2. Create Message
Type in your message such as promotions or announcements. Also you can schedule the text as per your requirements.
3. Send Message
Hit the "Submit" button and Instantly send your text messages to thousands of customers, within a few minutes.
SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Service in Nepal for Industries


Utilize SMS marketing for appointment reminders, medication alerts, and health tips to enhance patient engagement and wellness.


Improve guest experiences by sending booking confirmations, check-in/out reminders, and exclusive offers via SMS campaigns.

Banks & Institutions

Employ SMS marketing for account notifications, transaction alerts, and promotional offers to enhance customer communication and promote financial products.

Marketing & Advertising Agencies

Showcase agency expertise by using SMS for self-promotion, including portfolio highlights, industry news, and event invitations.

Logistics and Transportation

Enhance supply chain efficiency by using SMS for real-time shipment tracking, delivery notifications, and service updates.

E-commerce and Retail

Drive sales and engage customers with SMS marketing for order confirmations, shipping updates, and personalized promotions to reduce cart abandonment.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions from Our Community

We cut through today’s complexity and use whatever technology it takes to get you where you want to be.

Bulk SMS refers to the process of sending a large number of text messages to a group of recipients simultaneously. It’s a convenient and efficient way for businesses and organizations to communicate with their customers, clients, or members.

Bulk/Group SMS works through specialized platforms as Sparrow Web system portal that allow users to upload a list of recipients, compose a message, and send it to the entire list at once. The messages are typically delivered via SMS gateways, which connect to mobile networks and transmit the messages to the recipients’ phones.

Sparrow SMS will provide you with a dashboard where you can simply upload your contacts, draft your message, and finally send or schedule your message to networks Ncell and NTC.

For Full information, Read how to send bulk sms in Nepal.

To send 1000 SMS at a time, you can utilize a bulk SMS service provider or a specialized software platform designed for mass messaging.

  • Choose a Bulk SMS service in Nepal /Text service provider such as Sparrow SMS
  • Sign up and create an account.
  • Upload your contact list.
  • Compose your message.
  • Schedule or send immediately.
  • Confirm and send.
  • Monitor delivery reports.
By following these steps, you can efficiently send 1000 SMS at a time to your target audience, allowing you to communicate effectively and reach a large number of recipients simultaneously.

No, once you have purchased the Group SMS Credits from SPARROW SMS, it will never expire even after 12 months. The SMS credit Validity is unlimited.

For more information: Type Sparrow<space>your message and SMS us at 36040.

We offer a one-time Bulk SMS service in Nepal to clients who want the service for the short term. In this service, we send or push the message content of the client to the numbers provided by them. For this service, we charge a certain amount based on the message length and the number of receivers. Generally, the SMS rates of one-time services are higher than those of another SMS service, i.e., Rs. 2.50 excluding VAT.

Many hundreds of industries and enterprises are benefiting from Bulk text messaging. If you are looking for bulk SMS to grow your business, you can feel free to call or WhatsApp 9802005007/08 or email us at  

Yes, you can export the message history from the panel account and see the delivery report.

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