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Janaki Technology (P) Ltd. GPO 8975, EPC 1887 Bakhundole, Pulchowk (10m ahead from opp. of Entrance Cafe), Lalitpur, Nepal

E-mail: marketing@janakitech.com Mobile:  9802005007/8, 9801165562

Phone: +977-1-5422942 WhatsApp: 9802005007/8

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We provide Bulk SMS/Web SMS service, SMS gateway, SMS API or any other SMS marketing services.  We also offer various SMS services for individuals which range from exam results to various utilities.
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Janaki Technology (P) Ltd. GPO 8975, EPC 1887
Bakhundole, Pulchowk (100m ahead from opposite of Entrance Cafe),
Lalitpur, Nepal
Email: marketing@janakitech.com
Support: support@janakitech.com
Phone: +977-1-5422942 
Mobile: 9802005007/8

DoTM License Print Notice!

As per DoTM, all the SMS services will not be live for a few months due to this pandemic situation. We will notify you once they enable the SMS service.

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