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SMS Shortcodes

Short codes are 5 digit memorable numbers such as 35001, 34001. It’s a flexible and easy way of sending/receiving SMS text messages to/from customers. Customers can send text message by typing the required keyword and address it to the businesses 5 digit SMS short code.

Keywords and Sub Keywords: Keywords are unique words that businesses provide for various campaigns. Sub keywords are basically ‘second word’ following the keyword.

Shared Shortcodes

Shared Short Codes are used by multiple organizations at the same time to run different campaigns.

A shared shortcode 35001 is used for SLC,HSEB results and loadshedding schedule.

  • Unique SMS Keyword and Unlimited Sub Keywords
  • Single/Multiple SMS Campaigns

Dedicated Shortcodes

Dedicated Short Codes are provided exclusively to a single organization or a business house.

DishHome has a dedicated SMS short code number 32500. Users type ‘CREDIT’ to 32500 to enquire about their DishHome balance.

  • Unlimited Keywords and Sub Keywords
  • Single/Multiple SMS Campaigns

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