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SMS Voting for your Event

Simple to set up and costs nothing to run, SMS voting is one of the most relevant and effective ways to generate customer engagement and increase brand awareness of your business.

SMS voting is a web-based service which allows people to use their “power of text” during various competitions such as beauty pageants, talent shows, tv reality shows and others. You can also use SMS voting to collect data and conduct surveys.

Why Sparrow SMS for your voting campaign?

Sparrow SMS is the leading Bulk SMS service provider and VAS provider in Nepal. We are a trusted name in the market, successfully delivering SMS and bulk messages in partnership with major mobile operators with greater reach. We provide a full featured SMS voting Control Panel, easy-to-use messaging platform along with reliable connectivity.

icon_00All Networks Coverage

With great coverage comes great power, and Sparrow SMS has been using that power to a full extent. Sparrow SMS has been successfully delivering SMS and bulk messages in partnership with all the major operators such as Nepal Telecom, NCell and SmartTel.


While signing up for SMS voting panel with Sparrow SMS, the user will be provided with web-based control panel through which you can acquire live updates as votes start to flow. The panel shows the vote caster’s phone number as soon as they cast their votes.

icon_00Timely Payment:

The biggest concern for any event managers and event management companies is Payment. Rest assured, the payment will be concluded as soon as the event finalizes.

What more we provide?

icon_00Digital Promotions

With 4,50,000  + fans in our Facebook page  (, mostly consisting of youths, we provide you a platform to promote your event to increase the SMS voting counts.

Benefits of Facebook Promotion:

i. Increased branding and awareness about the event

ii.  Ripple  effect (as the awareness about the event is transferred to other people through our fans)

iii. Added Mileage to other sponsors of the event

iv.  Increased Digital footprints of the event

We also actively share the event updates and “Each Contestants Vote Request Appeal” on all our digital platforms including Facebook, Blog, Twitter, YouTube, G+, Instagram and LinkedIn.

icon_00Blog Posts

Sparrow SMS’s blog is one of the most viewed blogs in Nepal with 3 million+ views in total. Featuring your event on our blog can provide the much-needed boost to your event. Therefore, we will regularly blog about your event and also share it on our digital platforms. You can check out our blog at

icon_00Reminder message to all voters at Nominal Cost

A reminder message is to create awareness among the voters introspect to the deadlines. Before the final event, we send out a bulk message to all the voters asking them to vote for their favorite contestants.
Not only the reminder messages helps out in gaining an increased number of votes but also helps in promotion of the event.

Ready for your next Voting Campaign?

Sparrow SMS is the right choice for you and your business.

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