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SMS Voting Service in Nepal

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SMS Voting service in Nepal

SMS Voting for your Event

Simple to set up and costs nothing to run, SMS voting is one of the most relevant and effective ways to generate customer engagement and increase brand awareness of your business.

SMS Voting Service increased engagement, real-time feedback collection, and the ability to reach a wide audience, making it an effective tool for polls, surveys, and interactive campaigns.

Boost Your Digital Presence

Our SMS voting service offers simplicity, convenience, and accessibility, allowing businesses, organizations, or event organizers to gather valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, and actively involve participants in the decision-making process.

SMS voting is a web-based service which allows people to use their “power of text” during various competitions such as beauty pageants, talent shows, tv reality shows and others. You can also use SMS voting to collect data and conduct surveys.

What are the Benefits of our Bulk SMS plan?


Bulk SMS Solutions that Grow Business

All Network Coverage
With great coverage comes great power, and Sparrow SMS has been using that power to a full extent. Sparrow SMS has been successfully delivering SMS and bulk messages in partnership with all the major operators such as Nepal Telecom, NCell and SmartTel.
While signing up for SMS voting panel with Sparrow SMS, the user will be provided with web-based control panel through which you can acquire live updates as votes start to flow. The panel shows the vote caster’s phone number as soon as they cast their votes.
Timely Payment
The biggest concern for any event managers and event management companies is Payment. Rest assured, the payment will be concluded as soon as the event finalizes.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions from Our Community

We cut through today’s complexity and use whatever technology it takes to get you where you want to be.

SMS voting involves participants sending a text message to a specific phone number with their vote or response. The votes are then collected and tabulated in real-time. The results can be displayed on a website, in a presentation, or even integrated into PowerPoint slides.

SMS voting offers several benefits, such as:

  1. High engagement: SMS messages have higher open and response rates compared to other communication channels, ensuring a higher level of participation
  2. Quick and easy: Sending an SMS takes only a few seconds, allowing participants to vote conveniently and efficiently.
  3. Real-time results: The voting results can be instantly updated and displayed, providing immediate feedback to participants and organisers.

SMS voting is utilised in various scenarios such as TV shows, talent contests, elections, audience polls, m  

Yes, SMS voting is commonly used for audience polling. By leveraging audience response systems, participants can express their opinions, answer questions, or rate various topics during conferences, events, or presentations.

Votes received through SMS are counted and validated by the system or voting platform. The tallying process ensures accuracy and counts only valid votes.

They can set up SMS voting by partnering with SMS service providers as SPARROW SMS or using specialised platforms that offer SMS voting capabilities. This involves selecting a short code, defining voting rules, and promoting the voting campaign.

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