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SMS message character counter is a free online calculator that displays how many message character is in your message content.

It also identifies the unicode character in your SMS content, so it will help you to avoid special characters in your marketing campaign.

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Guide to SMS Length Calculator

Understanding the optimal length for SMS messages is important for effective communication. Here is a brief guide to help you understand SMS message length:

Understanding the Maximum Message Length

SMS messages have a maximum character limit of 160 characters. This limit is based on the standard character. If your message exceeds this limit, it will be split into multiple messages and may incur additional charges.

Encoding Considerations

Standard Character encoding allows for 160 characters per SMS. However, if you use non-standard characters (such as special characters or Unicode characters), the maximum character limit per SMS message decreases. For example, Unicode messages have a maximum limit of 70 characters per SMS.

Using Concise Language

Due to the limited character count, it’s important to keep your messages concise and to the point. Use simple language to convey your message effectively.

Recipient’s Reading Experience

Longer messages may require recipients to scroll or read multiple messages, which can be inconvenient and reduce engagement. Try to keep your messages within a single SMS whenever possible.

Utilizing Link Shorteners

If you need to include a URL in your SMS, use link shorteners to reduce the character count. This allows you to include more content within the limited character allowance.

Tailoring Messages for Different Purposes

Consider the purpose of your SMS and tailor the content accordingly. For brief reminders or alerts, a short message may be sufficient. However, for more detailed information or marketing messages, you may need to spread the content across multiple SMS messages.

Testing Your Messages

Before sending bulk text messages, test them on different devices and networks to ensure they appear as intended. This can help you identify any issues with character limits, encoding, or formatting.

Considerations for Text Credit Usage
  • Knowing SMS character limits is vital for effective communication.
  • Crafting concise messages within the 160-character boundary ensures accurate delivery without extra charges from multiple SMS when exceeding the standard count.
  • Non-Standard characters, like Unicode symbols and emoticons, reduce the character count from 160 to 70, requiring more characters for transmission.
  • Our message length calculator identifies Unicode characters and can remove them to restore the message length to 160 characters if needed.
  • Understanding SMS character limits is crucial; it ensures messages are delivered correctly and without additional costs, if they surpass the standard character count.
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