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Bulk SMS

Reach your customers personally, easily & effectively through various Bulk SMS services in Nepal.

Viber Business Messaging

Reach and communicate to more people instantly with dedicated Viber Messaging Service in Nepal.

SMS Shortcode

Send text message by typing the required keyword and address it to the businesses 5 digit SMS short code.

Missed Call Marketing

Missed, Not Missed Out: Engage effortlessly with missed call marketing. A simple ring, a big impact – connect with your audience without intrusion.

SMS Gateway API

SMS API helps businesses by providing a streamlined and efficient method of sending and receiving SMS messages.

SMS Voting

SMS voting helps generate customer engagement and increase brand awareness of your business.

SMS Application

Get custom SMS application built for you tailored to your requirements.

Voice Broadcasting

Speak Volumes Instantly: Elevate your message with voice broadcasting. From announcements to promotions, let your voice be heard by many, instantly and effectively.

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