HSEB Result

We know what your exam results mean to you and when it is for the next big level after SLC, the tension is obvious to run high. Last year we spread smiles on lacs of faces awaiting their higher secondary exam results in Nepal. And the count goes up this year too. Stay tuned as we bring you your results via SMS as soon as it is officially published.

HSEB Result

HSEB Exam Result in Nepal

No matter how old you grow, no matter what class or level you are in, results will continue to remain a major cause of angst and worry in your life. In Nepal, passing HSEB (high school) gives you a sense of freedom from regular routine and disciplined school life. Now you might move out of town, live alone in some big city and study your career defining Bachelor’s course. This causes the result of your HSEB to be of utmost significance and a life changing experience for you. Any delay or hassle in obtaining your HSEB results is a great turn off.

Sparrow SMS, empathizing with the HSEB students initiated an SMS service to view your HSEB result just by an SMS. The service freed the examinees from any hassles and brought the result to them without any delay all over Nepal. So instead of they going to the result, result came to them in their cell phone. All they needed to do was follow the following easy steps:

View HSEB result of Nepal

  • Go to compose message in mobile
  • Type HSEB<space><symbol number>
  • Send it to 5001