SLC<space>Symbol-number and send it to 5001 to get the slc result of 2013 in Nepal without any hassle.

SLC Results

SLC Results in Nepal via SMS

Minimum certified education level in Nepal, SLC is often referred to as Iron Gate to allude to the significance it holds in the life of students. Thousands of students appear for SLC each year and entire nation seems to be interested in the outcome. Hence, when the results are out, the need to see one’s result without further delay is paramount.

But thanks to Sparrow SMS, viewing your and your loved ones’ SLC results has become a lot easier and faster since 2010. Making the days when you had to wait for newspapers, hustle through the crowds of students or need an internet connection to know your results a thing of past, Sparrow SMS has been delivering results directly to the mobile of the people. Last year as well, thousands of students benefitted from our services. All they had to do was follow the following easy steps:

We have collected and analyzed the data of SLC result for last four years. For detailed analysis see History of SLC
Know the Format used to view SLC result
A Comparative Analysis on SLC Results, a study of the performances of Community and Institutionalized schools in SLC over last twelve years.