Sparrow SMS is your most reliable and multi-faceted VAS provider in Nepal. Providing you with all ranges of VAS solutions we help you launch all types of your SMS services in Nepal.

We Assist You With

Sending Bulk SMS to Nepal

Using the services of Sparrow SMS, you can send as many SMS as you like to Nepal. We provide you with complete technical support to send large number of SMS to a group of people without any hassle on your part.

SMS Shortcodes for Nepal

If you need any short codes to launch your SMS services within Nepal, we shall make it available for you. We provide both dedicated and shared short codes of various price ranges that could be used flexibly for various SMS services.

Telecom Services

Sparrow SMS allows you to expand your services in Nepal with the use four leading mobile networks of Nepal – NT, Ncell, SmartTell and UTL.
SMS received from Nepal via our short codes can be posted to your servers or websites through our API.

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