Sparrow SMS Panel lets you run SMS voting events and unlimited campaigns and track results real-time!

Spice Up the Competition

A web based service created by the VAS provider, SMS voting is the interactive solution for engaging the audiences. Be that a competition, talent show, fashion show, or any event where voting the contestants are considered important, SMS voting system of Sparrow SMS is of great use. SMS voting can also be used to ask open-ended questions or opinions during a live event as well.

With SMS voting system, the event can be made more lively, entertaining and equally engaging. It is hassle-free and completely economical service for choosing winners on-the-go. This SMS service of Sparrow SMS is used by event organizers such as CAN infotech, Miss Teen, ECAN and many others. After voting, the audience will also be receiving an automatic reply set from the system which is even more appealing.

Our SMS Voting Panel

Campaign Manager

Create unlimited voting campaigns and gather SMS votes from multiple SMS campaigns

Live SMS Tracking and Lucky Draw

Track SMS votes in realtime and display it live to spice up the competition and run SMS lucky draws too

Detailed Analytics

Get everything from the number of votes received to incoming SMS numbers and timestamps

SMS Voting Benefits

Free Reply

Respond to each one of your voters personally with reply messages which are absolutely FREE!

Revenue Sharing

Get financial returns on running your SMS campaigns. Earn revenue on each incoming SMS

Promote Sponsors

Get a chance to mention your sponsors in reply messages and promote them too from your replies

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