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Here are some common questions about Sparrow SMS.

Bulk SMS

What is Dynamic SMS? How to use it?

Dynamic SMS is similar to bulk SMS, but unlike bulk SMS you can personalize every messages and send as many SMS at once. Example: (Dear Mr. Ram, Thank you for using Sparrow SMS. / Dear Miss Radha, Please call 5522942 for further information.) Such messages can be sent at once via Dynamic SMS.

Can I schedule my message for future? How?

Yes, you can schedule your message for future by going to SMS – Bulk SMS – Type your message – Advanced Option – Schedule – Set the time and date – Send SMS.

Do you add any text to my messages?

No, we do not add any text to your messages.

Can I see delivery report of the messages sent?

Yes, you can export the message history from the panel account and see the delivery report.

What is the maximum length of an SMS message?

One SMS length is equal to 160 characters long. And, maximum of 3 SMS Length can be sent i.e. 460 characters.

How many mobile phone numbers can I send to?

You can send message in unlimited numbers.

Do you provide two way SMS and what are the features?

Yes, we provide full two way SMS functionality, allowing you to easily send and receive SMS through your SMS account. The features of our two way SMS are:
a. Communicate to and from your contacts.
b. Automate your replies based on keywords.

How do I test the quality of your routes? / Can I take a trial of the services before I buy them?

Yes, we offer you a completely FREE demo so that you can try our services. Simply contact us and we will set up a Free and Full Functional DEMO account for you. (And get free messaging credits to start testing the quality of our service.)

How quickly will my messages be delivered?

The average time taken is less than a second! However sometimes congestion in networks may cause an unavoidable delay.

Is there any maximum limit to schedule SMS?

No, there is no maximum limit. However for better throughput please schedule only if necessary.

Is there a daily or monthly minimum quota for sending SMS’s?

No, you can send as many, or as few SMS messages as you like.

How do I start sending SMS messages?

As soon as you have paid for the panel and gotten your username and password, you can log into your account and send SMS.

Does Bulk SMS support accented and foreign language characters?

Yes, you can send SMS messages using Unicode for non-English characters (such as Arabic, Chinese or Cyrillic characters).

Can I personalize the SMS message I want to send?

Yes, you can.

Can I send multiple SMS messages with different content for each SMS message?

Yes, you can send multiple SMS messages with different content for each SMS message. While a typical SMS message is only 160 characters long, we do allow you to send up to 3 SMS text messages in one send; that is, you can send a message of up to 460 characters. The message gets split into 3 parts when you send it, but when it arrives at the mobile phone it will appear as a single SMS message. The technical term for this process is concatenated SMS where a multi-part message with more than 160 characters is received as a single message on a mobile phone.

Can I cancel my scheduled messages?

Yes, you can cancel your scheduled SMS messages by logging in to the Accounts and go to “Scheduled messages”. Simply click on the SMS message you want to delete and click “Delete”.

What is an SMS Template?

You can create message templates to save your typing time. You can add a template by using “Add/Create/New Template” feature.

Do my business/organization need bulk SMS service?

Many hundreds of industries and enterprises are benefiting of Bulk SMS.

Do I need to install software to send messages?

We provide online interface. A computer/laptop/Smart phone with internet connection is necessary to send messages. Software installation is not required if you use online interface to send messages.

How do I send messages?

Login to the account, compose a message, enter/upload mobile numbers, and click on send button to start delivering messages.

Can I send MMS/EMS using your Bulk SMS services?

No. Only text based SMS is supported.

Can I use your SMS Gateway with my own SMS application?

Yes. In this case, you only have to purchase the SMS credits package and perform codes integration to our SMS gateway where you can send SMS from your application directly without using our web interface. API & sample code in PHP & .NET will be provided upon request. To perform API integration, you have to enter your username, password & Bulk URL to your application. These information will be available in the SMS system after you login. If you do not have the information, please write to our support team to request for it.


Are there any hidden charges?

No, we are open about all our charges. One credits equals one message and yearly panel fees are charged.

Can I buy credits online? Do you offer an auto top up service?

You can send us the copy of payment voucher and accordingly your credits will be added.

Do My Credits Run Out?

No, your credits stay on your account for as long as it takes you to use them. If credits are on your account and remain unused for over a year, the value of your credits may go down as you have to renew panel every year.

Can I buy credits online? Do you offer an auto top up service?

You can send us the copy of payment voucher and accordingly your credits will be added.

How do I buy SMS Credits?

Bulk SMS works on prepaid basis. You can request for credits by logging into your panel under the credit option.

Who pays for any incoming SMS messages i.e. replies to the SMS messages I send out?

Any replies to your SMS message from a recipient are carried by the recipient. You do not pay for replies to the SMS messages you send out.

Does Bulk SMS offer discounted messaging?

The cost for per SMS works on volume basis. The cost can be negotiated on the basis of amount of SMS you buy.

Is there a minimum monthly purchase required?

No, there are no minimum monthly charges. Simply purchase credits whenever you need more.

How will I know if the messages are delivered?

It’s important to regularly maintain your contact list to ensure that you are not sending messages to invalid numbers. We provide you with real time delivery reports with details of message sent and their delivery status.

How do I check my SMS credit balance?

Credit balance can be seen from your control panel after you login to your account.

How messages deliver if the same consumes more than 1 credit?

It delivers as a single SMS irrespective of credit count.

Do you charge for all the uploaded numbers?

No, our interface deducts credits for only delivered messages.

If I have set my mobile number as Sender id will the messages sent displaying my number be charged against my account with my mobile operator?

No. the bills will be charged against the credits that would be provided by us.

Account & Support

Can I manage my account?

Yes, you can manage everything yourself. Like:

  • Self – Managed Account Settings
  • Manage & edit account preferences for master and sub accounts
  • Account Phonebook
  • Create, edit and remove contacts
  • Contact Importer
  • Import and Export contacts through CSV, Excel, VCF
  • Group Management
  • Create, edit and organize contacts into groups
  • Communication History
  • View all messages sent to a particular contact
  • SMS Delivery Status
  • Check the delivery status of all outgoing SMS
  • Low Balance Reminder
Can Bulk SMS notify me when my SMS credits are low?

Yes, you will automatically receive a SMS/email alert when the SMS credits are low.

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Why does Bulk SMS need my mobile phone number?

We may need to contact you for support reasons, for example, if you forget your password and need an SMS reminder, or if you’ve set up SMS notifications for low credit warnings and if we need to follow upon complaints relating to your use of the service.

I’ve lost my username and/or password. How can I login?

If you’ve lost your username and password, you can easily recover both by clicking “forgot password” on the login page entering your email address. Please note that this will only work if you have registered with a valid email address.

How can I change my password?

To change the password log into your profile/account, go to user option and click the change password.

How long does it take to add credit in my account after payment?

Credits will be added in your account credited immediately after the payment is made.

How can I make a payment for SMS credit?

The payment can be made through any of the available payment options like fund transfer or by cheque.

I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

You can retrieve your password by clicking the ‘forgot password’ option in the login page. The passwords will be reset and you will receive the new password on your registered email id.

How do I manage my contacts/phonebook?

You can manage your contacts by adding them one by one or by uploading your contacts file.

How do I Upload Contacts File?

You can either upload contacts individually via contact manager or simply create a contact list in excel file (csv, xls, xlsx, vcf) formats or notepad and upload the file into panel by clicking the export button inside contact manager.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes, technical support is available through email and phone. You can raise a support ticket to notify a problem with our tech support team.

How do I manage my contacts/phonebook?

We provide you with a feature on the login panel naming “Contacts” where you can export and import them by different customer feasible manner like – MANUAL INPUT, EXCEL SHEET, CSV FORMAT, and VCF FORMAT.

Will the numbers I send to be used by your company or any third-parties?

All the numbers and messages sent are treated severely confidential. We never use them or share the information with other companies.

What is the validity of my account?

Every account comes with 1 year validity.

I typed my message into a MS Word file and pasted it into the message box. My message contains some characters like " ' < > - ! ? | ` ~ but not more than 160 letters, yet it indicates 3 or 4 messages. Why?

Those character are interpreted as Unicode characters. It is best practice to type your message directly into the message box or use txt applications like notepad.

I get some errors after uploading my phone numbers.

Please make sure your numbers are saved in notepad, MS Excel, CSV and VCF format. Do not save your numbers in Wordpad or MS Word.

Why do I need a username and password with my Sparrow SMS Account?

Your password keeps your Sparrow SMS account completely private and personal. The password assures that you are the only one sending messages from your account. Except of course you share such details with someone.

Can my business name appear as the sender?

Yes it can by setting up a SENDER ID, which allows 11 characters including spaces. For example you can have the SENDER ID as ACME CO, and this will show up on the recipient’s phone as ACME CO instead of the system’s mobile number except Nepal Telecom.

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