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SMS API Gateway in Nepal

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SMS Gateway API service in Nepal

SMS Gateway & API Integration in Nepal

Sparrow SMS provides you with an extremely comprehensive API. All the features of our web interface can be accessed via API.

SMS gateway API from Sparrow SMS helps businesses by providing a streamlined and efficient method of sending and receiving SMS messages.

Boost Your Digital Presence

We allow businesses to integrate SMS functionality into their existing applications, systems, or websites, enabling them to automate communication processes and reach customers instantly.

SMS API Integration facilitates customer engagement, improves marketing campaigns, and enhances overall communication effectiveness, leading to better customer relationships and increased business productivity.

What are the Benefits of our SMS API Gateway plan?


SMS Gateway API Solutions that Grow Business

Inbound & Outbound
Receive SMS from any device with incoming SMS Module
Report Generator
Check Status of previous SMS including all the required data
Report Statistics
Receive information about Sender’s Number and Operator
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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions from Our Community

We cut through today’s complexity and use whatever technology it takes to get you where you want to be.

SMS API integration involves incorporating a messaging interface into existing systems or applications, enabling businesses in Nepal to send and receive text messages programmatically. It works by connecting their software with Sparrow SMS gateway API services , allowing seamless communication with customers or users via SMS.

  • Select a service like SPARROW SMS that allows sending text messages via SMS Identity.
  • Create an account on the platform and obtain an API Token, which acts as a key to connect your program with our SMS service.
  • Decide the type of messages you'll send (notifications, alerts, SMS OTP, etc.) and determine the method and timing for sending them.
  • Write code that links your application with the SMS service using the API Token. This Token specifies the message content, recipient's number, and delivery schedule.
  • Ensure the code functions properly by testing it with a few messages to confirm they're being delivered as per requirements of your business.

For support: Contact Our Sparrow SMS team at 9802005009/16.

SMS API serves as a link between your web application and the systems of telecommunication carriers. It allows your app to send and receive text and multimedia messages through a simple HTTP request. Essentially, this API acts as a messenger between your application and the networks that manage phone services.

Yes, SMS API integration is often customizable, allowing businesses in Nepal to tailor their messaging strategies according to their specific requirements. Customization options may include message templates, scheduling, personalization, and integration with existing systems.

While some technical knowledge can be beneficial, SPARROW SMS API service provides user-friendly documentation and support to facilitate integration for businesses with varying technical proficiency. Basic understanding of APIs and access to development resources can streamline the process.

Yes, you can export the message history from the panel account and see the delivery report.  

Yes, we offer you a completely free demo so that you can try our services. Simply contact us, and we will set up a free and fully functional DEMO account for you. (And get free messaging credits to start testing the quality of our service.)

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