After SLC Results are published by OCE, type SLC (space) Symbol-number and send SMS to 35001 to get the SLC Result in Nepal without any hassle.

SLC Result 2072/73 with Marksheet

There has been change in SLC Exam result from 2072. The new SLC Exam Result of 2072 will be in grading system i.e. GPA Grades.

We are well-familiar to all the hustles we have to go through during the peak SLC result’s time. Getting an easier way to surf through your SLC result 2072/73 becomes almost impossible or at least a very difficult one because of the crowds and loaded traffic over websites. But, can your rough experience get a different approach to which a number of students have been relying already for obtaining their SLC result 2072 with GPA Grades? It’s absolutely a YES! Sparrow SMS brings you the most reliable SMS service in Nepal with its robust SMS portal capable of handling highest traffic of SLC Result Nepal.

With Sparrow SMS, your SLC Result 2072 will just be an SMS away! We put you on your comfort zone for the quickest delivery of SLC Result with GPA Grades to your cell phones that also within seconds of receiving your SLC result requests!

Just remember to type slc (space) symbol-no. and send it to 35001 once your SLC 2072 results are out!

Viewing yours and your loved ones’ SLC exam results have become a lot easier and faster with Sparrow SMS. All you need to do is follow the below given easy steps:

Step 1: Go to message box of the mobile phone

Step 2: Type SLC (space) Symbol-no.

For example: SLC 0234521E

Step 3: Send SMS to 35001

For more detail on how you are going to get your slc result with GPA grading system, read our blog on How to check SLC result 2072 2073 (with sample result format!)

slc result 2072

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SLC Result 2072 FAQs

Ans. Office of the Controller of Examinations (OCE) is the only authorized body to publish SLC Result 2072. Hence, OCE can only tell you the exact date of SLC Result. However, as per previous dates and trend SLC Result 2072 might be in early Asadh. But, there is no official notice for the SLC Result 2072 from yet.
In the meanwhile, stay tuned with Sparrow SMS for SLC Result 2072 updates. Share your similar interest, make friends and learn more about SLC Result from

No, we cannot tell you the exact date of SLC result. Only OCE can tell you the exact date of SLC Result 2072/2073 and can provide you SLC result with marks after the results are officially published.
It’s simple. After the SLC results are officially published by OCE, type SLC (space) Symbol-number and send it to 35001. You can get SLC Result 2072/2073 by SMS as soon as you send only after it is published by OCE. So, please send your queries for result through SMS only after the SLC result 2072/2073 is announced by OCE.

As per OCE, GPA will be provided in place of division to the students.
We assume the results will look something like this, when you check your SLC result with GPA Grades via SMS (type SLC Symbol-No & send SMS to 35001).

· Your GPA – XXX
For Example: Your GPA: 3.74
This interprets that the student has received above D grade in all the subjects.

· Your GPA- XXX. You can appear in grade upgrade examination in Subject 1, Subject 2.
For Example: Your GPA- 2.33. You can appear in grade upgrade examination in Comp. English, Social Studies.
This means that the student has received grades equivalent to D or E in one or two subjects. And can take the supplementary examinations.

· Your GPA- XXX. You have secured D or E Grade in more than 2 subjects.
For Example: Your GPA- 1.80. You have secured D or E Grade in more than 2 subjects.
This means that the student has secured lower grades in more than 2 subjects and is not eligible to take the supplementary examinations.

You will be receiving the SLC Result 2072/2073 Nepal with GPA grades after the result is officially announced by OCE. Below is a sample of your SLC Result 2072/2073. “Congratulations your symbol number is 0000000A. Your GPA 3.75.”
Yes, we distribute the SLC results via SMS after the results are announced by OCE. So, you can type SLC(space)Symbol-number and send it to 35001 to get the results of anyone who appeared for SLC exam 2072 but only after the results are published by OCE.

First, check whether your SMS format matches exactly with the one below.
SLC(space)Symbol-number and send it to 35001.
If you still have problem viewing your results, contact us at or 01 5522942.

Well, incase you have trouble in checking your SLC results through SMS after the results are published by OCE, we can definitely help you there.
We provide SLC result 2072 with GPA Grades only. The SLC Result 2072 provided by Sparrow SMS is just for information. SLC Result can be further verified by OCE ( ) only.

Sparrow SMS being the regular provider of SLC Result Nepal, has always believed in delivering quality services that are easy to use and completely trouble-free. We have been circulating SLC Results to your cell phones after the results are published by OCE at the soonest (generally, in less than 5 seconds). So, in order to come up with such a quick service, we have allocated defined resources for it and also paid other stakeholders on the line. We all know everything has a cost to pay for!
Besides that, we do not get Rs 5 as a sum for us. Each Rs. 5 is divided as below.
50% – Is taken by Telecom Operators ( Like Nepal Telecom and Ncell )
6% – Is RTDF ( Rural Telecom Development Tax)
1.5% – Is TDS
Also, we need to pay good amount per SMS to OCE as well after all data verification.
Further, we have Rs 1 Advertisement Cost for promoting SLC result Nepal format over various platforms. And the major costs at our end is yet unseen.
1. High Configuration Servers, that has to be maintained for long run in Expensive Data Centers.
2. Telecom Connection
3. Highly Skilled Telecom/VAS Engineers
4. Content and Digital Marketers and other employees cost.
Only after distribution of all these costs, we receive the remaining amount to our side. We have always been working hard to provide you a reliable medium for checking SLC Result 2072 at a very low cost.
Previously, many students had to go through many hustles to view SLC Results Nepal – phone calls, buying expensive newspapers available in limited numbers, visit cyber cafes, high loaded traffics on websites and what not? But, Sparrow SMS has put on all its effort and knowledge to overcome such hassles with a genuine SMS service to distribute SLC Result Nepal via SMS after the results are published by OCE at reliable price of Rs 5 + additional taxes only.
And there are absolutely no hidden charges for SMS. Each SMS for viewing SLC Result 2072 would cost you Rs 5 + additional taxes only.

You are not able to view old SLC Results. The data for SLC Results Nepal will be deleted in around 10 days after the results are published. You can however view old SLC results from OCE,
Sparrow SMS delivers the SLC 2072/2073 result only after the results are published by OCE. Once your results are announced officially, you are able to view the SLC result by sending SMS. Type SLC(space)Symbol-number and send it to 35001 only after the results are out by OCE.

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