Individual customers can enjoy a host of our SMS based services both free and paid. These services are easy-to-use and provide great utility in obtaining quick information about desired events.


Businesses and Organizations can use our services to interact with their clients, employees or consumers. Our software panel allows you to use SMS service in many dynamic ways to inform and engage your customers and boost your business.

Global Enterprises

We serve as SMS gateway to Nepal for global enterprises providing them with APIs, short codes and customized SMS applications and panel and help them with all round technical support to launch their services. We also license our software to foreign clients to introduce various services abroad.


VAS Provider We do VAS, you need it.

Different individual and business solutions to launch one’s own SMS service with a customer panel and SMS short codes. Interact with customers, through various interactive SMS services to ensure full customer satisfaction.

SMS gateway to Nepal Connect to any operator.

We provide SMS gateway solution to Nepal that includes developer API, SMS short codes, and customized SMS applications serving majority of functions for both individual and business.

SMS Services Various useful SMS services

We as a VAS provider provide various end consumer services that allow users to do a variety of tasks. Popular services include SMS to e-mail, Facebook updates via SMS, Digicard, SMS results, Sports updates, Bullion prices.




A digital version of a small note that can include any information. Visiting card, news updates, offers, status and notices are few common uses of this amazing service. It is free to use, ads-free and can be completely operated from a mobile phone. One minute for registration and you are ready to go digital.


View your exam results on your cell phone via SMS. Simply follow the prescribed format and send an SMS to get results on-the-go. Our one step process is a lot easier than relying on rumors and costs less too. So are you awaiting any exam result? Give us a try.

SMS Marketting

SMS Marketing

Allows businesses to market their products by sending bulk SMS to their customers for instant communication about products and offers. It is a globally acclaimed direct marketing tool that can bring a good turnout quickly. Research has shown- SMS are read at least 3 times quicker than e-mails/print ads.

SMS Campaigns

A great way to communicate with a large number of people. Like normal campaigns, SMS Campaigns can be aimed at collecting Votes, Opinions, Ideas, running Contest and lucky draws. No printing hassles, no manual distribution hassles. Its so easy with us that anybody can manage the whole campaign from anywhere in the world.

SMS Campaigns